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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Contest and Cover Reveal for Give the Devil His Due: The Sanheim Chronicles Book Three

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost Halloween again. And that means only one thing: the release of the third book for The Sanheim Chronicles. I’m pleased to show off the cover for the book, which is once again the work of the very talented Travis Pennington. After you’ve checked out the cover, stick around for a brief non-spoiler FAQ on what you can expect from the book, as well as details on a contest to win an early copy of the book plus a $15 Amazon gift card.

Q: So what’s the new book called?
A: Give the Devil His Due.

Q: Wait, doesn’t that violate your legal agreement with the Charlie Daniels Band?
A: Yeah, about that… I posted a blog on April 1, 2013, in which I claimed I had settled with the Charlie Daniels Band after it had sued me. But it was an April Fool’s Day joke. Some people got it, but many did not, I suspect because they read it well after the date on which it was posted. So, to be clear, the Charlie Daniels Band has never sued me, nor do I expect it to. I do appreciate the folks who wrote to tell me they were angry with Charlie Daniels on my behalf. It’s nice to know people support me and I feel like a bit of a jerk for tricking anyone.

Q: When will Give the Devil His Due be published?
A: On Oct. 1, 2013, for Amazon and Nook. Typically Nook is a day or so behind Amazon so it might be more like Oct. 2. I will post updates on when the different versions are released.

Q: When will the print edition be out?
A: I’m hoping to put that out in October as well, but please view that as a best-case scenario. The print edition requires reformatting the book, which can be time-consuming.

Q: Can I buy a signed edition?
A: Yes! Just contact me on my Facebook page and I can send you one. It costs $15 (including shipping and tax), which is the same price as buying the print edition from Amazon. But this one is signed!

Q: What’s this book about?
A: It picks up several months after the end of Band of Demons. If you haven’t read that book, you really should do so before picking up Give the Devil His Due.

Q: Wait, that’s it? That’s all you’ll say?
A: I hate spoilers and ruining the experience for a reader, so I’m reluctant to say much. All I will add is that the ending events of Band of Demons have dramatically changed some characters’ lives – and at least one of them is not handling the situation particularly well.

Q: Is this book the last in The Sanheim Chronicles?
A: Give the Devil His Due is the conclusion to the trilogy I initially set out to write. It ties up most of the plot-lines people will want resolved. That said, I’ve created a mythology that I really enjoy. If there is reader interest, it’s possible I might write more books in the series. I can opine on this more once the third book is out, because I’m afraid of saying too much.

Q: Do you have anything else in the works?
A: Yes! I’ve started preliminary work on my next novel, which will be out next year. It is not directly connected to The Sanheim Chronicles, but if you enjoyed that series, I think you will enjoy this as well. It’s a mix of mystery, myth and the supernatural. I also have a couple of other projects I’m working on that may or may not come to fruition sometime soon.

Q: How can I make sure I know when Give the Devil His Due is released?
A: You can sign-up for my newsletter here:
I only send a newsletter when I actually have something to say, which is likely to be just a few times a year. I also plan to give out a free short story to subscribers, though I’m still working on that particular story.

You can also have Amazon notify you when I release a book by going to my Amazon author page and clicking “subscribe” in the upper right hand corner: You can also “like” the page if you are feeling generous (I have no idea what the point of those likes are).

I will also be trumpeting the news on my Facebook page and on Twitter.

To encourage folks to join the newsletter, I’m giving away an early ebook copy of Give the Devil His Due as well as a $15 Amazon gift card. All you need to do to join the contest is to sign up for the newsletter and fill in your details below. Good luck and I can’t wait to publish Give the Devil His Due!

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