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Monday, October 27, 2014

Voting has started for Kindle Scout! Please nominate "The Forest of Forever!"

Voting has started for The Forest of Forever through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program!

For those who didn’t see the last post, Kindle Scout allows readers to “nominate” what books they’d like to see Amazon publish and market. Anyone who nominates a novel that Amazon later selects will receive that novel for free.

The Forest of Forever is in the first batch of available titles. All you need to do is follow this simple process:

1. Click here
2. Sign on to Amazon (if you haven't already)
3. Click the "nominate" button just below and to the right of the cover.
4. Immediately tell everyone you've ever met to do the same thing. 

Simple, right? It only takes a few seconds. While you’re there, be sure to read the prologue to the novel and check out the short interview with me about the larger series. And more information about the novel you’re nominating will be coming soon. In fact, I may have a pretty big surprise in store for everyone who signs up for my e-mail list here

Thank you so much for voting for The Forest of Forever and helping to spread the word!

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