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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween book sale! Get The Sanheim Chronicles, "the perfect books for Halloween," for just 99 cents!

This is my favorite day of the year. 
To my mind, Halloween is better than my birthday, Christmas or any other holiday. What's not to love? It's got spooky stories, kids in costumes and tons of candy. 
That's why I'm offering the largest sale on my own books TODAY only - and just for you. That's right. Aside from a brief bit on Facebook, I'm not advertising this deal. It's too good. Of course, you should feel free to tell your friends, relations and anyone else about it. But you're my primary audience. 
So what's on sale? The big news here is The Sanheim Chronicles box set  is just 99 cents. That's right. Three novels and more than 1,500 pages about Halloween, ghosts, banshees, Celtic mythology and the Headless Horseman are just 99 cents! That's 33 cents a book! 
Find out why the series has earned hundreds of rave reviews, with readers calling it "one of the best urban fantasy trilogies I've ever read," "a stellar series" and "so good I wish it were a movie." 
Again, this deal lasts ONE DAY, so buy it now for Kindle here
But wait, that's not all. I've also made each novel in the series just 99 cents. Why? Because some of you may want to own each book individually or have previously bought some in the series. It's also the best way to get the audiobook versions for cheap. If you own the Kindle version of a book, the audio version is as low as $1.99! 
If you'd rather buy each one separately, click below:  
A Soul to Steal - Two reporters, a serial killer and a legendary ghost collide in this pulse-pounding supernatural thriller. The novel that started it all, featured on USA Today, and endorsed by Mark Metcalf, the actor who played The Master on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Be sure to pick up the audiobook while you're at it. It's awesome! 
Band of Demons - Kate and Quinn return to face a new evil that threatens to destroy their town and everyone they love. "An ending that will leave you gasping for air." Buythe audiobook too for just $1.99! 
Give the Devil His Due - The thrilling conclusion to the series. "Ever since this trilogy came out, I have read it every year for Halloween. It's that good."  Pick up the audiobook while you're at it.
I could stop there. But it's Halloween, so what the hell? I'm also offering my short story, The Last Blog, completely FREE. It's my take on the classic haunted house story - with a few twists naturally. (Those with a sharp eye will see references to both The Sanheim Chronicles and the Soren Chase series.) 
Speaking of Soren, I know some of you have had trouble downloading your second free Soren Chase novella. That's why today - and today only - Carnival of Stone is completely FREE on Kindle. So, if you've received that error message about signing up for Dropbox or just never bothered to download it at all, this is your chance to put it straight on your Kindle for nothing. I'm sorry if you've had any hassle. 
And finally - yeesh, this is long - one last treat. The Forest of Forever, the first full-length novel of the Soren Chase series, is FREE for all Amazon prime members as part of Prime Reading. I'm not sure when that deal ends, so download it today and get reading!  
As always, if you enjoy any of the short stories, novellas, novels, audiobooks or box sets on offer, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference. 
I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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