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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Announcing The Forest of Forever Official Soundtrack

It's been an amazing ride for me these past few months. The Forest of Forever was chosen as one of the first Kindle Scout books back in November, and today is its official release.

The reviews are starting to pile up and they've been amazing: "I was hooked from the first page," "All I can say is WOW," "A must read!" "The start of another great series," "The perfect blend of paranormal, suspense and mystery," "Dark urban fantasy at its best."

You can find out what everyone's talking about here. But I've also decided to try something new and release the official soundtrack to The Forest of Forever. I was inspired by my friend Melissa F. Olson, who makes playlists for her novels, which you can check out here.

I've made The Forest of Forever soundtrack into a playlist that you can access on Spotify here. (Signing up for Spotify is free and you can use your Facebook account to log in.)

If you'd rather check out the individual tracks, I've posted them below with links to Amazon Music. Like a movie soundtrack, each selection is chosen for a reason, either for the atmosphere it created or, more likely, a connection between the lyrics and an event in the book. It's also just a great mix. Take a listen!

The Forest of Forever Official Soundtrack:

  1. The Pretender                           Foo Fighters                          
  2. The Monster                               Eminem
  3. Boadicea                                   Enya
  4. Haunted                                     Poe
  5. Breathing Underwater                Metric
  6. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked   Cage the Elephant
  7. Locking Up the Sun                  Poets of the Fall
  8. Lessons In Love                        Neon Trees
  9. Houdini                                     Foster the People
  10. Burn                                          Ellie Goulding
  11. I'm Alive                                   Shinedown
  12. Here                                          Vast
  13. Burn It Down                            AWOLNATION
  14. Monster                                     Imagine Dragons 

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